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17.05.2019 - Kerkstraat 11


Mahir Guven is one of the rising stars of French literature. He has taken an unusual route to get to this point: Guven was born a stateless refugee in a shelter in Nantes, where he grew up in a ‘banlieu’ – a word he would ‘remove from the French language immediately’ if he could, as he stated in an interview. This is a clear indication of where his commitment as an author lies – with the underdog, in the so-called fringes of society.

In his debut novel Grand Frère (Broer, published by Ambo Anthos), Guven takes his reader to Paris, introducing two brothers who both dream of a different life. The eldest drives taxis for Uber, the youngest leaves for Syria on idealist grounds, hoping to serve some humanitarian purpose, only to disappear without a trace. Meanwhile, we follow the elder brother who roams the streets of Paris with growing anxiety: where is his little brother, whose hands did he fall into and what about his own world view?

Mahir Guven (1986, Nantes) is a French author of Turkish-Kurdish descent. His debut promptly won him the prestigious Prix Goncourt du Premier Roman.

During BorderKitchen Mahir Guven will be interviewed (in English) by Margot Dijkgraaf about his work and this new novel. After the interview, Guven will be available to sign books, our favourite bookseller De Vries Van Stockum Den Haag is also present with Dutch and French copies of the book.


Date: Friday 17 May 2019
Start: 20:00
Location: Kerkstraat 11, Den Haag
Entrance fee: € 7,50 (ex. service fee)

29.05.2019 - In het Koorenhuis


Over the last couple of years, American author Ottessa Moshfegh’s star has been rising steadily in American literary circles. The former English teacher seems to capture the spirit of the times like no other, and usually incorporates a given subject in her work it just before it becomes a hype. Her very first published story dealt with women’s choice never to wear make-up again. A bold statement at the time, completely normal now.

In her novel My Year of Rest and Relaxation, she describes a woman who has resolved to do nothing for a year but sleep, hoping to be reborn in the process. A present-day female Oblomov. Her collection Homesick for Another World (Heimwee naar een andere wereld, Hollands Diep) also touches upon many a sore point. Its most controversial story is called Rupert – in which a female writer describes an unpleasant encounter with an established author when she was only seventeen.

Otessa Moshfegh (1981, Boston) is an American author of short stories and novels. She is of Croatian, Iranian and Jewish descent, and has already made the International Booker Prize shortlist.

Rosan Hollak will interview Odessa Moshfegh in English. After the interview, Moshfegh will be available to sign books, our favourite bookseller De Vries Van Stockum Den Haag is also present with the Dutch and English version of the book.

Date: Wednesday 29 May 2019
Start: 20.00
Location: Prinsegracht 27, Den Haag
Entrance fee: € 7,50 (ex. service fee)

12.06.2019 - Border Sessions special


A special edition of BorderKitchen during tech culture festival Border Sessions with journalist, writer, and filmmaker Paul Pason. He will be interviewed about his book Clear Bright Future, which will be available in Dutch translation later this year (Een stralende toekomst, published by De Bezige Bij)

Tickets and more info availabe soon, via Border Sessions 

Date: Wednesday 12 June 2019
Start: 20.00
Entrance fee: € (ex. service fee)

20.06.2019 - Zaal 3


Award-winning author Valeria Luiselli is a globetrotter, but finds her subjects closer to home, as a Mexican living in Trump’s United States – which is almost considered suspicious. In her latest novel, Lost Children Archive (published by Das Mag,) she puts her protagonists on both sides of the border. She describes a Mexican-American family travelling from New York to border territory in Arizona, with David Bowie as their radio companion. Their journey is interspersed with stories of parentless children seeking refuge in ‘the promised land’. When the American children go missing, everything comes together in this roman à clef.

Frank Báez is also a traveller pur sang. The poet has traversed the globe, always finding a writing table to express all he had experienced. His poems speak of civilisations both ancient and modern, of classical subjects and pop culture, and the Latin compared to the Western world. During his visit to BorderKitchen, he will present his collection Anoche soñé que era un DJ or Last Night I Dreamt I Was A DJ – published by Karaat. Its leitmotif is water – through waves and ripples, the poet always returns to the essence of life.

Valeria Luiselli (1983, Mexico City) is a Mexican author of (short) fiction and essays. She has published several novels and many other works.

Frank Báez (1978, Santo Domingo) is a Dominican poet. has published his work in literary magazines all over the world.

During this double edition of BorderKitchen both authors will be interviewed (in English) by Persis Bekkering. After the interview the Luiselli and Báez will be available to sign books. Our favourite bookseller De Vries Van Stockum Den Haag is also present with Dutch and English copies of the books.

Date: Thursday 20 June 2019
Start: 20.00
Location: De Constant Rebecqueplein 20A, Den Haag
Entrance fee: € 7,50 (ex. service fee)

04.09.2019 - Theater aan het Spui


Jonathan Safran Foer took the world by storm around the year 2000: his debut novel Everything is Illuminated was received as the work of a child prodigy, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close would become the book on 9/11. Foer’s work was both post-modern and classic, and between its virtuoso style and countless experiments with form, a real heart was beating. He was the biggest sensation of American literature since David Foster Wallace.

But then, what is a young writer to do, having scaled Mount Olympus at 25? In Foer’s case: reflect. And so, he reinvented himself, as an engaged writer of non-fiction. In Eating Animals, he targeted factory farming. His latest book is called We Are The Weather – Saving The Planet Begins At Breakfast, published by Ambo AnthosFoer joins in the climate debate as we have come to know him: through a particularly creative essay, in which he states that we might be most successful at saving the climate if we as individuals think carefully about what we eat, as the proverb goes: you are what you eat.

Jonathan Safran Foer (1977, Washington D.C.) is an American novelist and essayist. His work has been translated into countless languages and was made into several movies. In 2016, his most recent novel, Here I am, was published.

During BorderKitchen Jonathan Safran Foer will be interviewed in English by about his work and this new novelAfter the interview the author will be available to sign books. Our favourite bookseller De Vries Van Stockum Den Haag is also present with Dutch and English copies of the book.

Date: Wednesday 04 September 2019
Start: 20:00
Location: Spui 187, Den Haag
Entrance fee: € 7,50 (ex. service fee)

11.09.2019 - Theater aan het Spui


Colson Whitehead is the epitome of American literature. His subjects span ages as well as an entire continent. Whether it be poker, New York City or a small fictional town falling under the spell of the pharmaceutical industry, Whitehead captures it through his compelling style and pointed world view. He is a prime stylist – one of those authors who make you forget there is a master at work, simply for his captivating storytelling skills. His latest novel is called The Nickel Boys (published by Atlas Contact,) plunging deep into Jim Crow-era Florida: a book about the civil rights movement, sadistic boarding school teachers, and above all, about growing up with one hand tied behind your back.

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah published countless short stories, in pretty much any major American journal. Friday Black (also published by Atlas Contact)is his first-ever collection, compiled of short stories set in a dystopian future. His characters are the broadest possible reflection of contemporary Afro-American society. Nana broaches many controversial subjects: racism, police violence, high school shootings, alternately dissecting his subject matter or chopping it up, but mostly letting his readers figure out for themselves what on earth they think and feel about all this.

Colson Whitehead (1969, New York) is one of the most distinguished authors of our time. The Underground Railway won him the 2017 Pulitzer Prize.

Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah (1991, Spring Valley) is an American author of short fiction. Friday Black is his first work to be published in book form.

During this special double BorderKitchen both authors will be interviewed in English about their work and novels. After the interview the authors will be available to sign books. Our favourite bookseller De Vries Van Stockum Den Haag is also present with Dutch and English copies of the books.

Date: Wednesday 11 September 2019
Start: 20.00
Location: Spui 187, Den Haag
Entrance fee: € 7,50 (ex. service fee)

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