18.09.2013 - Arno Camenisch

Arno Camenisch (1978) was born in Tavanasa in the Swiss canton Graubünden. He writes poems, prose and plays. The Sez Ner trilogy is being published in twenty languages.

In Sez Ner Camenisch shows us short, sharp and vivid scenes from village life in the mountains of canton Graubünden. It’s a world of hard and sometimes dangerous work, loneliness and alcoholism. Camenisch captures this world
in his very expressive, tragicomic prose.

Sez Ner features several characters, stuck with each other at the foot of the Sez Ner mountain. The pig herder, the cow herder, the cheese maker and his apprentice: they live in the mountain pasture together, but they are also independent of each other, do their own things, have their own peculiarities.

Sez Ner is being published in Dutch in one book – part one is also called Sez Ner, followed by Achter het station and De laatste – and will appear shortly before BorderKitchen, published by the Bezige Bij translated by Miek Zwamborn.
Curious? Read the first thirty pages (in Dutch) here.

Camenisch received much praise for his trilogy in his homeland, and won the Friedrich-Hölderlin-Förderpreis 2013, the Eidgenössischer Literaturpreis, the Berner Literaturpreis, the ZKB Schillerpreis and the Retro-Romaanse literaturprijs Premi Term Bel.