06.06.2009 - David Grossman

Acclaimed Israeli author David Grossman introduces his latest book Until the End of the Land.

To say Jerusalem-born Grossman (1954) is a force to be reckoned with is an understatement. The author of seven novels, a play, short stories, novellas, youth and children’s books and the recipient of numerous awards, Grossman has also tackled controversial topics with Palestinians and Israeli Arabs. Some of his most acclaimed works include The Zig-Zag Kid (1996), Her Body Knows (2004) and his recent political and cultural essays Writing in the Dark (2008).

Grossman’s intricate, structurally complex, daring and innovative writing style tend to incorporate ‘Injustice’ as a central theme to his stories, often expressing the brutal truth of Israeli life – a particularly valid subject in today’s war-torn reality. While writing Until the End of the Land, Grossman’s son was killed by a missile during a military operation. Though devastated, Grossman went on to finish the book. ‘Most of it was already written. What changed…was the resonance of the reality in which the final version was written.’ Grossman reveals. Until the End of the Land is the story of a young soldier assigned to a major military operation.

This BorderKitchen is in English. David Grossman will be interviewed by Marcel Möring (author of a.o. In a dark wood, The great longing and In Babylon).