09.05.2018 - Theater aan het Spui, Zaal 1

Johan Harstad, Dorthe Nors, Gunnhild Øyehaug

On the 9th of May three Scandinavian authors will be visiting The Hague: international acclaimed Johan Harstad en two of the biggest Scandinavian writing talents Dorthe Nors en Gunnhild Øyehaug. They will be interviewed about their most recent works. There will be live music as well.

Norwegian author Johan Harstad (1979) already established his reputation with his novel Buzz Aldrin, What Happened to You in All the Confusion? His latest novel Max, Mischa and the Tet Offensive (2017) was praised by press and public and tells about displaced theatre director Max Hansen, who as a teenager emigrated from Norway to the United States. Artist Mischa, actor Mordecai and Vietnam veteran Owen are his fellow sufferers. This novel is nominated for the European Literature Prize 2018.

Danish author Dorthe Nors  (1970) had her international break through with her short stories Karate Chop. Her recently published novel Mirror, Shoulder, Signal is about Sonja, who at the age of forty decides to finally take driving lessons. Ze is translator of Swedish krimi’s and her social life is limited to her spiritual massage therapist and her talkative driving instructor. The novel was received with positive reviews and a 5 starred review in de Volkskrant. Mirror, Shoulder, Signal is on the short list of the Man Booker International Prize.

With lightness and spot on Norwegian author Gunnhild Øyehaug (1975) creates vulnerable characters who get stuck in their own short comings. For example the woman who has an ominous dream the night before her ninetieth birthday. In one of the stories a little girl bursting with youthful desire is jealous of her older niece. A deer that roams more and more to the borders of the woods, just to get some attention, plays the leading role in another story. The short stories Knots from Norwegian author Gunnhild Øyehaug (1975) will be published April 2018.

Date: Wednesday 09 May 2018
Start: 20:00
Location: Theater aan het Spui, Zaal 1 Spui 187, Den Haag
Entrance fee: € 12,50 (ex. service fee)