28.05.2009 - Guus Janssen

Louis Lehmann (1920) is a multi-talent who discovered his musical capacities during high school and quickly began to compose his own music. A good 70 years later and he is still composing music, his last composition is from 2008. Inspiration comes from music from all over the world and is turned to Lehmanns own hand.

Caroline Erkelens
Caroline Erkelens studied at the Utrechts Conservatorium and the University of Bloomington Indiana. She has featured in a number of musical theatre productions and sang all of the female vocals in Guus Jansens adaptation of Drei Dreimäderlhaus. Carolines concert repertoire ranges from the Messiah of Händel and the 14th symphony of Shostakovich to the electro acoustic music of the Schreck-ensemble.
Tsead Bruinja
A fanatical poet both at home and abroad, Tsead was nominated for Dichter des Vaderlands this year. His most recent work is a collection of Friesian poetry Angel (Bornmeer, 2008)

Guus Janssen
Since the early 1980’s he has led his own ensembles, ranging from piano trios to 11-piece band and opera orchestra. Janssen’s achievements in the field of jazz and improvised music have been widely acclaimed and awarded the Boy Edgar Award in 1981. His compositions, quite apart from the pieces written for the Janssen ensembles, range from piano music and string quartet to symphonic work. His work Verstelwerk had its very successful New York premiere in Zankell Hall performed by the Riverside Orchestra. In November two new works will have their premiere during the Nederlandse Muziekdagen.