31.08.2011 - Irvine Welsh

Irvine Welsh is obviously well known for the legendary Trainspotting (1993). Welsh’s genius debut novel was made into a just as brilliant movie by Danny Boyle – with breakthrough roles by Ewan McGregor c.s., an exhilarating soundtrack (‘Born Slippy’!) and an infamous party at the Cannes International Film Festival. The marginal characters taking the lead in his debut have gone on to populate his later novels too: druggies, pimps, drunks, people on the fringes of life, usually expressing themselves in rich Scottish slang. In his latest novel Crime that’s no different, albeit that Welsh is more openly showing his engagement this time.

After a rather traumatic crime investigation and the ensuing burn out, Scottish Detective Inspector Ray Lennox retreats to the shelter of sunny Florida. Getting married, resting and trying to stay off drugs are his main goals for the future. But while Trudi can’t stop talking about the upcoming wedding, Ray, becoming ever more depressed, turns to the local bars and clubs of downtown Miami. When two women offer him cocaine and sex, he doesn’t have to think about it for long. In their apartment he meets a ten year old girl on the verge of becoming a victim of a paedophile network. Lennox takes her into his care, but soon realizes that the demons haunting him in Edinburgh will not leave him alone here either.

Irvine Welsh will be interviewed by Ronald Rovers (VPRO Gids, Filmkrant).