02.10.2008 - Jan Siebelink

One of the biggest names in Dutch literature at the moment, Jan Siebelink is a household name since his semi-autobiographical novel Knielen op een bed violen [kneeling on a bed of pansies](2005).
A story about a religiously fanatical father who overshadowed his son’s youth. The story appealed to an incredibly wide and and diverse audience. Now, a good three years later he presents his latest novel: Suezkade. The official presentation of this book will take place in Amsterdam but how fitting to have this preview at BorderKitchen on the Weimarstraat, located just around the corner from the Suezkade. Siebelink is not only master of captivating the reader through his writing, he can also tell a good story in person.

In 2008 more than 500.000 copies of Knielen op een bed violen were sold.