08.06.2012 - Josh Ritter

As a musician, singer-songwriter Josh Ritter is responsible for much acclaimed albums like Hello Starling and The Animal Years. Recently, he also made his literary entrée with Bright’s Passage, his first novel. To celebrate its Dutch translation, Ritter will be our guest at BorderKitchen.

In Bright’s Passage, main character Henry Bright has newly returned to West Virginia from the battlefields of the First World War. Griefstruck by the death of his young wife and unsure of how to care for the infant son she left behind, Bright is soon confronted by the destruction of the only home he’s ever known. His hopes for safety rest with the angel who has followed him to Appalachia from the trenches of France and who now promises to protect him and his son. Haunted by the abiding nightmare of his experiences in the war and shadowed by his dead wife’s father and his two brutal sons, Bright — along with his newborn — makes his way through a ravaged landscape toward an uncertain salvation.