01.05.2013 - Juli Zeh

Juli Zeh has, in less than ten years, grown from a promising young author to an established literary name in Germany. Her books Eagles and Angels(2001), Gaming Instinct (2008) and The Method (2009) were also very well received in The Netherlands. On May 1st, at BorderKitchen, she will introduce her most accessible novel to date: Nullzeit.

‘No-decompression limit’ or Nullzeit in German, is a scuba diving term which stands for the maximum amount of time one can stay underwater without having to making decompression stops. It is during these times that the relationship problems in Zeh’s novel are battled out. Actress Jola has come to the Canary Islands with her partner Theo to prepare for a new role. Sven has left Germany to become a diving instructor on the island. No interfering with other people’s problems – that’s his motto. But during the diving lessons with Jola and Theo, Sven turns from spectator to participant, turning an innocent flirt into a life threatening triangular relationship.

Juli Zeh has been our guest at Crossing Border several times (the last time together with indie rock band Slut), but this is her first time at BorderKitchen. She will be interviewed in English by Arjan Peters (de Volkskrant).

This BorderKitchen is organised in collaboration with publisher Anthos, and with the cooperation of the Goethe Institute. The book Nullzeit has been translated into Dutch by Hilde Keteleer as Nultijd.