03.10.2013 - Meindert Talma

Multitalented Meindert Talma combines music and literature in a BorderKitchen held at a unique location in The Hague: het Volkspaleis, the turbine hall of the E.On power station.

On October 3rd Meindert Talma will perform at BorderKitchen in The Hague, combining readings and songs into an organic live performance. At the time of the BorderKitchen Talma’s book Kelderkoorts will be published. This novel and album in one combines prose with eleven songs which can be seen as chapters of the book.
The book series Nederlands Onbekendste Popster [The Netherlands’ least known pop star] of which Kelderkoorts is the first, started after an article was published in Vrij Nederland. Journalist Sander Pleij wrote: ‘Meindert Talma is one of the best things Dutch art has produced: he is a musician, poet, artist and autonomous genius. (…) Maybe Meindert Talma is also the least understood pop star of The Netherlands. But Meindert remains hopeful. Meindert keeps going.’ It inspired Talma to create a series about why he (against his will) has become The Netherlands’ least known pop star. Besides themes as making music and writing, he also focuses on family, friendship and (it’s almost unavoidable) a troubled love life.