03.09.2013 - Paul Ingendaay

Paul Ingendaay (1961) enjoys notoriety in Germany as a literary critic and cultural correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. These days he works for the newspaper as a freelancer so he can focus more on
writing. He has been living and working in Madrid for many years.

His recently published compelling novel Die romantischen Jahre outlines the years in life when anything seems possible, and how that works out for protagonist Marko Theunissen. How can one love women and yet not have one? How can one be a romantic with a yearning for a grand and compelling life, yet become an insurance agent? The tale of an unlikely hero who’s own life becomes an emotional wreck fit for an insurance claim.

In a certain way, the women Marko has known are like the great promises life has not fulfilled. If that is also the case with Angela, who is cheating on her husband with Marko, he has yet to find out. Only the hopeless romantic would embark on a relationship with a client. And since when are insurance agents romantics? Whilst a conniving colleague tries to blackmail him with his affair, Marko fights the oldest battle in the history of man: the fight with one’s own family.