12.09.2013 - Sofi Oksanen

Sofi Oksanen (Finland, 1977) made her international breakthrough with her third novel Purge, which has been published in more than fourty countries and of which have been sold more than a million copies worldwide. When the Doves Disappeared (original title Kun kyyhkyset katosivat) is the long awaited successor.

Estonia in the Second World War. The country is occupied by the Russians and Roland and his cousin Edgar are ‘Forest Brothers’ in the resistance. They hide in the woods and went into hiding with family. When the Russians are driven out by the Germans and Roland’s wife is murdered, it drives the two cousins apart. Edgar joins the Germans, Roland stays
with the resistance. In the sixties Edgar, aka Comrade Parts, is making a career for himself by writing about the German occupation and exposing Estonian fascists. His research leads him to his ex wife Juudit and his cousin, whose lives have turned out differently than he expected.

When the Doves Disappeared is a literary, thrilling novel about choosing between loyalty and disloyalty, set against the background of the events in Estonia in the forties and sixties.