23.04.2013 - Taiye Selasi

On Tuesday April 23rd Taiye Selasi will talk about her debut novel Ghana Must Go at BorderKitchen. Taiye Selasi was born in London, raised in Boston and is now living in Rome. She is the daughter of a Nigerian father and a Ghanese mother. Her story ‘The Sex Lives of African Girls’ was published in Granta Magazine and this debut was received with critical acclaim. In January Taiye Selasi’s first novel was published, Ghana Must Go. The book will appear in 15 countries, including The Netherlands, in the translation Ghana ga weg.

Ghana Must Go tells the story of the Sai family, who – after the sudden death of father and husband Kweku Sai – come together again. The brothers and sisters have spread out across the globe and they meet with their mother in Accra, Ghana. Why did the Sai family fall apart? In which abyss did Kweku fall, dragging his family with him? Author Taiye Selasi has written a grand and exciting journey spanning the globe.

This BorderKitchen will take place on Tuesday April 23rd in the BorderKitchen salon. Selasi will be interviewed – in English – by Liddie Austin.