13.05.2009 - Todd Hasak-Lowy

Hasak-Lowy’s (U.S.A.) debut Captives is a fascinating literary combination of satire, a spiritual journey and political games. Daniel Bloom is a successful screenwriter who has trouble relating to his son and whose marriage is on the rocks. As his family life crumbles, Bloom begins to work on a new screenplay: a federal agent and a nameless assassin who targets the political and corporate elite. The agent starts to wonder whether he really does in fact want to capture the sniper. Bloom is not oblivious to the correlation between his screenplay and his own emotional crisis and anger at society. As a result Daniel seeks support through an extravagant young rabbi who experiments with drugs, sends him to Israel and tries to guide him to another life.

Hasak-Lowy will be interviewed by Hans Bouman.