17.10.2013 - Almudena Grandes

Almudena Grandes, the grande dame of Spanish literature, is back at Crossing Border this year! She will talk about her new book Las tres bodas de Manolita [Manolita’s Three Weddings], which will be published in Dutch this autumn. Grandes (Madrid, 1960) debuted in 1989 with the erotic, controversial novel The Ages of Lulu and has been an important part of the Spanish literary landscape ever since. In Spain, Grandes is one of the most praised and bestselling literary authors.

Manolita has just turned 18 when her life is put to the test. She is a shrewd, but sensible young woman who feels most at home in the background. However, when her brother Antonio comes to her begging for help with the resistance against dictator Franco, she decides to do it. Manolita transforms into a strong and passionate key figure in the tight circle of friends fighting for democracy. The calm, and at first glance not very attractive, resistance fighter Silverio turns out to be her true love, and that will change her life for good. But in a dictatorship, even the most trusted friends are unreliable. The betrayal comes awfully close and their love and friendship are at stake.

Almudena Grandes will be interviewed by Rosan Hollak