29.09.2014 - Bernhard Schlink


Bernhard Schlink (Germany, 1944) is Emeritus Professor of Law at Humboldt University in Berlin. As an author he rose to fame twenty years ago with his novel Der Vorleser, the first foreign novel to stay at the top of The New York Times bestseller list for a long time. The film adaptation – with leading roles for Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes – was awarded an Oscar and a Golden Globe.
Schlink has written the novels Die Heimkehr and Das Wochenende, the collection of stories Liebesfluchten and Sommerlügen, the detective Selbs Justiz, and many other books.
In September the Dutch translation of Die Frau auf der Treppe will be published, about a woman and her portrait. This world famous portrait, long thought lost, suddenly resurfaces. A surprise for the art world, but also for the three men who long ago, each in their own way, loved the woman – and ultimately felt betrayed by her.
This interview will be held in German. The interviewer is Michel Krielaars (NRC). The Dutch translation of the book is by Gerda Meijerink. This BorderKitchen is organised in collaboration with Literaturhaus Deutsche Bibliothek The Hague and the Genootschap Nederland Duitsland.


Schlink may be an expert on the letter of the law, but writer Schlink is an
intrepid explorer of the much trickier terrain of the human heart.’ – Newsweek