26.08.2014 - Daniel Galera

On Tuesday 26 August the Brazilian author Daniel Galera will visit BorderKitchen. He will be interviewed about his novel Blood-Drenched Beard.

Daniel Galera (São Paulo, 1979) was featured in Granta magazine’s The Best of Young Brazilian Novelists in 2012. Blood-Drenched Beard is Galera’s third novel and meant both his breakthrough in Brazil and internationally. Galera is one of the founders of publishing house Livros do Mal and published his first novel Dentes Guardados there.
About Blood-Drenched Beard:
X’s father shoots himself, leaving his son with the old cattle dog, a family secret and a vague desire for explanation. He drifts south with the dog to Garopaba, a quiet little town on the Brazilian coast. He builds a new life for himself and tries to find out what happened to his grandfather, who disappeared in mysterious, possibly brutal, circumstances decades before. A neurological condition complicates things: he can’t recognize faces. The villagers react with hostility to his questions and it slowly dawns on him that he might suffer the same fate as his grandfather.
The Dutch translation of Barba Ensopada de Sangue was published by Atlas Contact as Met bloed doordrenkte baard. The book was translated by Harrie Lemmens.