05.10.2018 - Édouard Louis

Édouard Louis (1992), born Eddy Bellegueule, made his debute with bestseller The End of Eddy. His second novel, History of violence, was praised unanimously and  acclaimed his reputation as most successful contemporary French author. The dutch translation of his third book, Who killed my father, will be published October 4th. In this novel Louis tries to understand what his father had to deal with in his life with barely concealed anger. Louis lives and works in Paris. He will be interviewed in English by Margot Dijkgraaf.

‘This is the story of my fathers life and the events that destroyed his life, from his birth to his approaching death. It is an attempt to understand him and the world he lives in. This is the story of a man from the working class, whose expectations, happiness, passion and dreams are slowly but inevitably crushed bij society and by politics. This is a story of a man, a person, that normally is’t the subject in literature.’

– Édouard Louis