19.05.2015 - Emmanuel Carrère

On May 19th the French bestselling author Emmanuel Carrère will be at BorderKitchen. He will be interviewed by journalist Maarten Dessing about his new book Le Royaume [The Kingdom]. Emmanuel Carrère (1957) is a successful author, screenwriter and director. He received the Prix Femina for his breakthrough book La classe de neige (1995). In 2011 he wrote Limonov, with the original winning the Prix Renaudot and the Dutch translation winning the Europese Literatuurprijs. Recently he was one of the screenwriters of the French tv series Les Revenants.

Le Royaume tells the story of two men, Paulus and Lucas, who transformed a small jewish sect worshiping a crucified messiah into a religion that crossed the world and which is still followed by a quarter of the world’s population today. At the same time, Le Royaume is the personal search of author Emmanuel Carrère, who became a practicing catholic 25 years ago to save his marriage but fell away from the faith. In a respectful and compassionate way Carrère searches for the meaning of Christianity and an explanation for the success of the counter intuitive principles that it propagates (like ‘the last will be first’) with both religious and non-religious people.
Le Royaume is published in Dutch by De Bezige Bij as Het koninkrijk, translated from French by Kathelijne De Vuyst and Katrien Vandenberghe.