21.05.2014 - Ferdinand von Schirach

The German author and criminal lawyer Ferdinand von Schirach will be interviewed, in German, by Michel Krielaars (NRC Handelsblad) about his new crime novel Tabu.
Ferdinand von Schirach (Munich, 1964) works as a criminal lawyer in Berlin. Among his clients are many prominent figures, industrialists and organised criminals. Crime was his literary debut, which was published in 2009 and sold to thirty countries.
It was followed by Guilt and The Collini Case. In this last novel Ferdinand von Schirach based a character on his own grandfather Baldur von Schirach, who founded the Hitlerjugend and was later convicted for that at the Nuremberg Trials.
In May another of Ferdinand von Schirach’s novels will be published in The Netherlands as Taboe.
In this novel the successful photographer Sebastian von Eschburg is accused of killing a young woman. His lawyer Konrad Biegler represents him and by doing so not only helps the artist, but also himself.