16.06.2016 - Héctor Abad

One of Latin America’s biggest contemporary writers, Héctor Abad (Colombia, 1958), is visiting BorderKitchen on June 16th.

Abad was expelled from university at the start of the 80’s for writing an irreverent article against te Pope. He consequently moved to Italy, finished his studies and then returned to Colombia in 1987. That same year his father got murdered by paramilitaries and Abad started to receive death threats. He fled to Europe and did not return to Colombia until 1993. The raw reality of Colombian society in those years is a recurrent theme in Abad’s writing. In his latest novel, La Oculta (De geheime droom van het land in the Dutch translation), he perfectly knows how to combine this with the classically told family saga in the tradition of García Márquez and Vargas Llosa.
Abad has a very impressive oeuvre and won numerous literary prizes, nationally and internationally. On Thursday June 16th, Abad will be interviewed by (in English) about La Oculta. The interviewer is writer and journalist Chris Keulemans.