01.04.2015 - Jan van Dingstee

On April 1st Jan van Dingstee will present his book De opbrengst van creativiteit [The yield of creativity] during a BorderKitchen in Zaal 3. Besides the interview with the author, Frank Boeijen and Daniel Lohues (who were also interviewed for the book) will present the first copy in their own special way.


In his book De opbrengst van creativiteit Jan van Dingstee explores the essence of creativity in the arts and offers psychological insights into the fascinating struggle and motivation of the artist. The author uses a historical perspective to discover under which circumstances creative people can thrive in a company or organisation. Van Dingstee also looks at how we can come to better way of life in everyday situations.

De opbrengst van creativiteit is illustrated with ten compelling exposes about creativity with Frank Boeijen, Henk Hofstede, Guus Janssen, Freek de Jonge, George Kooymans, Jiří Kylián, Daniel Lohues, Chiel Meijering, Marc Mulders and Robert Jan Stips.

Jan van Dingstee is a music industry veteran and has worked together intensively for years with many Dutch artists. At multinational Bertelsmann, he was responsible for attracting and supporting new talent and the marketing and exploitation at home and abroad. Later he set up a new branch of artist management for MOJO Concerts / Live Nation. He now works as a consultant.