06.06.2014 - Michael Cunningham

On Friday June 6th one of the greatest American novelists will come to The Hague for an interview at BorderKitchen: Michael Cunningham will be interviewed about his new novel The Snow Queen.

Michael Cunningham (1952) is one of the great authors of the modern, western sense of life. Most famous for his bestselling books Flesh and Blood, A Home at the End of the World, The Hours, Specimen Days and By Nightfall. He was awarded both the Pulitzer Prize and the pen/Faulkner Award for The Hours.
In The Snow Queen we follow the Meeks brothers Barrett and Tyler, and the people around them, in their search for meaning. Ever since their mother was hit by lightning, Barrett and Tyler have been captivated by signs from above. Barrett does not believe in God but, after seeing a vision in the night sky of New York, he begins to doubt his rejection of religion. Tyler, soon to marry his seriously ill girlfriend Beth, has his own struggles: he is trying to write her the perfect song.
When Beth’s condition unexpectedly improves, all three are overwhelmed by conflicting feelings of hope, guilt and disillusionment.
Michael Cunningham will be interviewed by Auke Hulst at the Theatre at the Spui. The Snow Queen has been translated into Dutch by Marijke Versluys as De sneeuwkoningin. This BorderKitchen is organised in collaboration with publisher Prometheus.