28.01.2015 - Michel Faber

On Wednesday 28 January Michel Faber will come to The Hague for an interview at BorderKitchen. Faber will be interviewed about his new, long-awaited novel The Book of Strange New Things.

Michel Faber (1960) was born in The Hague, grew up in Australia and currently lives in Scotland. His debut collection of stories Some Rain Must Fall received critical acclaim and won several awards. Since then, Faber has belonged to the cream of the crop of international modern literature. The first of Faber’s startling novels to be published, Under the Skin, as well as the collection of stories The Fahrenheit Twins also have received a lot of praise. But Faber’s magnum opius was his 2002 publication of The Crimson Petal and the White. A bestseller in the USA, Italy, France, Holland and Belgium, and a steady seller in most other countries.

Faber’s latest book is titled The Book of Strange New Things and begins with a man saying goodbye to his wife before he sets out on a perilous journey as a Christian missionary. From the moment Peter leaves his wife, Bea, he takes on a quest that puts him to the test. Somewhere far away, in an unfathomable universe Peter becomes immersed in the mysteries of an astonishing new environment… and the mysteries of himself. The Book of Strange New Things is, as we are used to from this author, an exhilarating, groundbreaking novel about adventure, faith and love: the things that bind people, even when they are light years away.

Michel Faber is interviewed by journalist Gijsbert Kamer. On 20 January the Dutch translation of The Book of Strange New Things will be published by Uitgeverij Podium as Het Boek van Wonderlijke Nieuwe Dingen. In a translation by Harm Damsma and Niek Miedema.