13.09.2011 - Michel Houellebecq

The announced visit by author Michel Houellebecq to The Netherlands and Belgium has unfortunately been cancelled. The author did not show up. Houellebecq would be making various appearances following the publication of his book La carte et le territoire in Amsterdam, The Hague and Brussels from 12 to 15 September, giving interviews to the press and attending public events.

Due to the author’s no-show his appearance at BorderKitchen has regrettably also been cancelled. 

Michel Houellebecq presented his long awaited new novel La carte et le territoire last September. Three months later the book was awarded the Prix Goncourt, the most important French literary prize. The Dutch translation was published in May, and the English translation will be available at the end of September. Following the book’s publication Michel Houellebecq will be our guest on September, 13th.

During BorderKitchen Houellebecq will be interviewed in French; translation in Dutch is provided. Martin de Haan, longtime translator of Houellebecq’s work, will take on the role of interviewer as well as interpreter this evening.