16.02.2017 - Nadja Tolokonnikova

Despite her young age, the Russian Nadja Tolokonnikova (1989) has lived an eventful life. When she was twenty-one she was one of the founders of the band Pussy Riot. With their critical punk songs they provocingly try to jazz up ultra conservative Russia. After a performance in which they ridicule Poetin and the Chutch, the band members are being arrested. After a political sham trial some of them are convicted to two years of prison camp. At this camp Tolokonnikova manages to to write her book How to Start a Revolution. She writes about the fate of the group members, Tolokonnikova’s youth and the conditions at the prison camp.

BorderKitchen has the honour to welcome Nadja Tolokonnikova on Thursday February 16th in The Hague. The interviewer is journalist, writer and columnist Sander Donkers.