07.06.2016 - Patrick deWitt

On June 7th we are happy to welcome the Canadian bestselling author Patrick deWitt.

DeWitt (Vancouver Island, 1970) is the first one to admit that the luck factor has played a big part in his career: when he still was a bartender with writing ambitions he gave his manuscript to a regular guest. This guest liked what he was reading, and gave it to a friend of his who once was in band with someone who later became a literary agent. One thing led to another and two years later DeWitt suddenly received a phone call from the agent asking if he maybe wanted to publish his book. Today, DeWitt has published three very successful novels and was nominated for the Man Booker Prize. At BorderKitchen DeWitt is going to talk about his latest book Undermajordomo Minor (Ondermajordomus Minor in Dutch).

Literary journalist Maarten Dessing will interview him in English. The Dutch translation of Undermajordomo Minor has been published by publishing house Nijgh & Van Ditmar. The novel was translated by Saskia van der Lingen and Caroline Meijer.