04.06.2015 - Robert Seethaler

The Austrian/German bestselling author Robert Seethaler will be at BorderKitchen on June 4th to talk about his book Ein ganzes Leben [An Entire Life], the book that meant his breakthrough in Germany. Robert Seethaler was born in Vienna in 1966, he has written several novels among which Der Trafikant, which was very successful in Germany. Ein ganzes Leben has been at the top of the bestseller lists since its publication and was named best book of the year by German booksellers. Seethaler will be interviewed by Jeroen van Kan, in German.

In Ein ganzes Leben Robert Seethaler writes about the life of Andreas Egger. When Egger first arrives in the valley where he will spend his entire life, he is just four years old. The farmer Kranzstocker reluctantly takes him in and Egger grows up to be a farmhand that doesn’t remember much of his early life, other than a vague memory of warmth. As a young man he joins a group of workers who are constructing the first cable railway in the area, and the arrival of electricity also brings light and noise to the valley. On the day of a tragic accident Egger suddenly comes face to face with the love of his life, Marie, who he will soon lose again. Years later, when the world has changed and Egger is walking his last path, she will be with him just once more.
Ein ganzes Leben is published in The Netherlands by De Bezige Bij as Een heel leven, translated from German by Liesbeth van Nes.
This BorderKitchen is organised in association with the Austrian Embassy The Hague and the Genootschap Nederland Duitsland.