14.10.2014 - Simon Winder

Simon Winder is coming to BorderKitchen on the occasion of his book Danubia. He works in the British publishing world. Previous works include The Man Who Saved Britain and the acclaimed Germania, which precedes Danubia.

For centuries Europe was in the hands of the peculiar Habsburg dynasty, which ruled over big parts of Central Europe and Germany until 1918 and was involved with everything that happened in Europe. Danubia is the collective term for countries and regions surrounding the Danube river, the home of the Habsburgers.

Simon Winder travels through this vast region, with its varied landscapes, cities and towns, with great enthusiasm. In his very personal way, he shares his knowledge, amazement and observations and explains how this dynasty’s complex history fits together. And he writes about the people and nations over which it ruled. People who were often remarkably ungrateful towards their eccentric ruler in Vienna.

Simon Winder will be interviewed in English by Dutch journalist and tv personality Wim Brands. You can buy the book at the BorderKitchen and have it signed by Winder after the interview.Quotes:

‘[Winder] never stops talking and rarely pauses for breath. Even then, however, you want to tell him: Forget about breathing and just go on talking. Danubia is a long book, yet this reader would not mind if it were longer still.’ —Andrew Wheatcroft, The New York Times Book Review

‘Memorably funny . . . wonderfully readable and entertaining’ – Sunday Times