03.09.2015 - T.C. Boyle

On September 3rd T.C. Boyle, one of America’s most important contemporary authors, will visit BorderKitchen. He is in The Netherlands to talk about his new book The Harder They Come which was recently published in Dutch as Wie storm zaait and was received with great enthusiasm in the US and Germany. T. Coraghessan Boyle has 24 books to his name and has won quite a few literary prizes, among which the PEN/Faulkner Prize for best book of the year (World’s End, 1988) and the PEN/Malamud Prize for his short stories. The author will be interviewed by Arjan Visser.

In The Harder They Come Adam, son of a principal and Vietnam veteran, gets nothing done. He is expelled from several schools and goes from one psychiatrist to the next. Adam is a time bomb. He collects weapons, sleeps in the wilderness, grows poppies and never leaves the house without his night vision goggles. Then he meets Sara, a fanatic animal lover who is also anti everything: globalization, conspirators, government violence. And seat belts. They start a torrid love affair, until Sara realizes that Adam is more than serious about his enemies.

The Harder They Come is about the need for total independence and a thirst for violence, and how these go hand in hand. An analysis of American society ‘that is fraying at the edges’. Boyle knows how to put the finger on the pulse of time like no other.
‘He has pulled it off again in this new novel — and with even more complexity and chiaroscuro. From the novel’s thrilling set piece of a to its pensive conclusion, The Harder They Come is a masterly — and arresting — piece of storytelling, arguably Mr. Boyle’s most powerful, kinetic novel yet.’ – The New York Times
The Harder They Come is published in The Netherlands by Meridiaan Uitgevers as Wie storm zaait, a translation by Anne Jongeling.